Types of Indonesian Visas You Need to Know

Indonesia is extensively preparing for a tourism recovery in the near future as the government is putting their utmost effort to flatten the curve of pandemic through the acceleration of vaccination programs and the implementation of community restrictions. Currently, Indonesia has decided to reopen Bali for visitors with terms and conditions applying. Before planning your trip to Indonesia, complete your basic preparation by learning about the visa and requirements to enter Indonesia


In order to provide ease of access, the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights has developed an electronic visa (e-Visa) application system. This e-Visa aims to facilitate foreign travelers who are planning to visit Indonesia in the future and bring positive impact on the development of tourism and creative economy of Indonesia.

The e-Visa application system allows foreigners to apply for a visa online without having to visit the Republic of Indonesia Representative out of the country or the Immigration Office.


2. Type of Visas

Before applying for a visa to Indonesia, you need to identify your purpose of visit in order to know what kind of visa you need. Based on the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights (KEPMENKUMHAM) No. M.HH-03.GR.01.05 of 2021, here are the current types of visas you can apply for.

  • Visit Visa
    • Index B211A with Purpose of Visit as follows:
      • Traveling
      • Emergency and urgent work
      • Business meeting
      • Purchasing goods
      • Film production
      • Voluntary, medical, and sustenance work
      • Government duty
      • Accompanying transport tool in the region of Indonesia
      • Development of marine industry (yachters)
      • Government duty in accordance with Indonesian Presidential related meetings in G20 or International Assembly of 144th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
    • Index B211B with Purpose of Visit as follows:
      • Candidate of expatriate in working competency trial
  • Visa for Temporary Resident Permit
    • Visa for Temporary Resident Permit – Work
      • Index C312 with Purpose of Visit as follows:
      •  Experts
      • Joining to work on board the ship, floating device, or installation which operates in the water, sea territory, continental shelf, and the exclusive economic zone in Indonesia
      • Supervising and monitoring the quality of goods or productions
      • Inspection or auditing on company branches in Indonesia
      • Post-sales service
      • Setting up and repairing mechanics
      • Non-permanent construction work
      • Film production activity with commercial purpose and have been granted permission from authorized institutions
      • Candidate of expatriate in working competency trial
    • Visa for Temporary Resident Permit – Non-Work
      • Index C313 with Purpose of Visit as follows:
      • Foreign investment with validity period of 1 year
      • Index C314 with Purpose of Visit as follows:
      • Foreign investment with validity period of 2 year
      • Index C316 with Purpose of Visit as follows:
      • Education and training
      • Index C317 with Purpose of Visit as follows:
      • Family union


You can visit this link for further information regarding types of visa that are applicable in indonesia


3. Latest Travel Regulations

On 7 March 2022, the government applied a quarantine-free trial period and a Visa On Arrival (VOA) program for 23 selected countries as well as Visa Exemption Facility for 9 selected countries. The list of countries for the VOA program was then extended to 43 countries on 6 April 2022.

As a way to support the reopening of Bali, the Indonesian Government will make sure to keep their utmost efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, namely by maintaining the  status as one of countries with the highest vaccination rates, as well as the country that consistently provides safety protocols for all of its visitors. As of 6 April 2022, Bali has become one of the top 3 provinces with highest vaccination rates along with the highest numbers of CHSE certifications. 

Note that this regulation is dynamic and can be changed from time to time, so that travelers need to recheck and confirm before planning their future journey.

We hope that this information can assist you in preparing your next journey to Indonesia. We kindly ask you to stay safe by always practicing healthy habits such as washing hands frequently, wearing a mask in public, and implementing social distancing. See you soon in the near future.

*Disclaimer : This article was updated on April 19, 2022. Due to the dynamic nature of travel regulations, please keep yourself updated by following our social

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